Reflections on and takeaways from WISE@Paris

My children are in public school in France. Last week at WISE @ Paris I learned that "French students spend 2/3 of their time taking notes. 70% of students have not worked in a group until they are 15 years old." (Yann Algan, Sciences Po). This confirmed my own impressions, and added to my parental angst about how to prepare my children for an uncertain future. However, it wasn't all bad news.

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Bookworms, not hookworms: Preventing an overlooked disease can help children grow and learn

In this blog originally published on RTI's Insights, Amber Gove and Michael French make the case for greater integration of donor efforts in early childhood development. 

Development practitioners must identify—and donors must support—long-term, country-owned, sustainable platforms that combine literacy, dewormging, and other early childhood development issues.

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How a flashcard became a turning point for a community: A Simple innovation in reading assessment sparks magic in Uganda

This post was written by Kalab Yakii, program field assistant in Arua district, and Tracy Brunette, RTI.

The USAID/Uganda School Health and Reading Program implemented by RTI has developed a system for getting school and community level information to program technical teams quickly.  Last week, a story came through the usual weekly reports that needed to be shared. 

A Simple Innovation

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