Anatomy of a Read Liberia Coach

Read Liberia coaches provide support to primary teachers and principals to improve early grade reading instruction, but what makes a great coach? What skills, knowledge, and characteristics do they share?Here’s a look at the anatomy of a Read Liberia coach...


Coaches are trained in:

  • Liberian curriculum.
  • Structure and use of teacher guides.
  • Early grade reading methodology.
  • Universal Design for Learning principles.


Coaches confirm that:

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Improving children's reading in Liberia: results from the NORC impact evaluation of the Read Liberia Activity

Improving Children’s Reading in Liberia

The United States Agency for International Development (USAID)-funded Read Liberia Activity is a five-year (2017–2022) program that supports the Liberian Ministry of Education (MOE) to improve reading skills for grade 1 and 2 Liberian students in 640 public schools and to develop emergent literacy skills for Liberian students in 60 public kindergarten schools.

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Increasing caregiver and community support for early grade reading: results from Read Liberia

Why Is Community Involvement Important in Schools?

When schools, caregivers, and communities work together to support children’s education, children tend to achieve higher academic results, have increased attendance and motivation, and be less likely to drop out of school. 
The United States Agency for International Development (USAID)-funded Read Liberia recognizes that what occurs before and after the traditional school day is as impactful on the lives of learners as the teaching that occurs in the classroom.
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