“The child who has not gone out to eat sees her mother as the best cook.” : Using South-to-South cooperation as a recipe for teacher education reform

This article describes the learning experiences of eight teacher educators from higher education teacher training institutions (HETTIs) in Liberia during a study tour of educator preparation establishments to learn about teacher preparation reform in Ghana. The study tour was sponsored by USAID, Liberia as part of the USAID Transforming the Education System for Teachers and Students in Liberia (TESTS) activity. The article relates what the Liberian faculty learned and the plans they have for strengthening teacher preparation in their home institutions of higher education.

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What Works to Improve Numeracy at Scale: Initial Insights from Successful Large-Scale Early Grade Numeracy Programs

Improving learning outcomes at scale has always been difficult, which is why the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation launched the Learning at Scale Initiative(link is external) in 2019. The first phase of this activity, led by our team at RTI International, studied eight literacy programs from around the globe, producing findings highlighting the classroom ingredients, instructional supports, and system supports that are essential for improving early grade reading outcomes at scale. As a follow-on to this effort, we have recently embarked on a new study: Numeracy at Scale(link is external).

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New Toolkit Measures How Teachers and Caregivers Support Children’s Engagement in Learning

Anyone who has watched a child truly absorbed in what they are doing knows what a powerful driver for learning it can be. When a child is engaged, they go deeper in their learning, are self-motivated, and persist at tasks for longer. However, until now, no measurement tools have been available to assess how children are engaged in their learning in classrooms and homes.

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