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Looking Beyond School Closures: Considering Teacher Well-Being and Support
Whether schools are reopening or continue to be closed with some form of virtual instruction, it is clear that school systems are facing tremendous changes. For this new reality, aside from family and student well-being and student academic growth, we also need need to place emphasis and consideration on our teachers. This includes their well-being, their support, and their training.  First and foremost, there is teacher well-being. Aside from creating physical environments and processes that...
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School-Related Gender Based Violence and Repetition in the Early Grades
School-Related Gender Based Violence (SRGBV) is an epidemic around the world. Over 246 million children and adolescents worldwide have experienced physical or psychological violence (including bullying, corporal punishment, and sexual violence) when traveling to and from school, on the school grounds, or in the classroom (Plan International). Research in the past decade has shown that both the actual experience of and fear of encountering violence leads to reduced learning outcomes (Kibriya...
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