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Building Blocks for a Brighter Future: How a Kindergarten Program Prepared Liberian Children for School, Even During COVID
Entering first grade ready to learn takes more than a book and a pencil and the enthusiasm every young child brings to learning. To be better prepared for school, it helps for a child to have acquired certain basic, foundational skills.[1] Let’s look specifically at reading. When young Joy walks into her first-grade classroom on that momentous first day of school, what skills does her teacher hope she brings with her? Certainly, Joy will need the ability to understand and speak in the language...
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Lessons that “Stick” – How Technology Can Support Refugee Learning
Blogs, commentaries, and reports on education technology (EdTech) topics so often highlight the “rapidly changing” nature of technology. More often than not, this is framed as a challenge or obstacle. There are technologies and EdTech efforts, however, that stand the test of time and continue to be relevant for many years. The 2015-2017 Project Reconnect is one such effort. Project Reconnect was a bold and ambitious effort conceived by Google Germany,, and NetHope in late 2015. The...
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