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School-Related Gender Based Violence and Repetition in the Early Grades
School-Related Gender Based Violence (SRGBV) is an epidemic around the world. Over 246 million children and adolescents worldwide have experienced physical or psychological violence (including bullying, corporal punishment, and sexual violence) when traveling to and from school, on the school grounds, or in the classroom (Plan International). Research in the past decade has shown that both the actual experience of and fear of encountering violence leads to reduced learning outcomes (Kibriya...
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Promoting Social and Emotional Learning During School Closures: Why and How
With schools closed now for students in most parts of the world, instruction is being shifted to virtual teaching and learning. For those with greater access to digital resources, this instruction can include the use of digital devices—such as computers, tablets, and smart phones—to connect with students either synchronously or asynchronously using video-enhanced content. Where students and their families do not have such devices, mass media platforms such as radio and television are being used...
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