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Empowering Teachers to Improve Learning Outcomes Through Technology
Have you ever experienced a classroom where the teacher seems to do all the talking, they rarely pose open-ended questions, and do not foster active discussions? Some lessons revolve entirely around students listening, capturing, and echoing the teacher's words. Teacher development and coaching programs strive to reshape this dynamic by organizing training events that bring teachers together, encourage role-playing, and the adoption of fresh techniques for delivering student-centered lessons....
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How to improve math outcomes for millions of children: Findings from the Numeracy at Scale study
By Jonathan Stern, Wendi Ralaingita, Julianne Norman, and Yasmin Sitabkhan  Earlier this summer we provided initial insights into what made Numeracy at Scale’s six large-scale early grade math programs successful. We are excited to report that our analyses are now complete and that this post provides a sneak peek into the study results! The findings and recommendations are also summarized in our findings brief, covered in painstaking detail in our Final Report (here), and were discussed during...
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