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"Countries are paying for pre-primary without realizing it" - An interview with Luis Crouch
In many countries, we see large, over-crowded classrooms in grade 1 that result in lower quality instruction.  What causes this over-crowding?  In many cases, it’s under-reported student repetition and that it leads to more drop-outs and lower primary school completion rates. This means that governments are investing in more years of schooling for lower quality outcomes.   A recent Primary 1 Repetition Study conducted in Uganda showed  that  caregiver-  and  teacher-reported  repetition  is ...
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Tablets to support teachers to teach reading in Uganda: Feel good? Yes. Effective? Partially. Promising? Definitely.
Tablet programs are extremely popular among beneficiaries. And we get it. When a grant opportunity came up to provide tablets and training to Coordinating Center Tutors (CCTs)[1], the USAID/Uganda School Health and Reading Program jumped. We had been working with CCTs since 2013 and had a strong process in place involving literacy-focused classroom observation tools and a system of joint support supervision designed to build capacity of the CCTs while supporting teachers at the schools. Yet ...
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