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Returning to classroom learning in the Philippines
On November 15, 97 public schools opened their doors once again to classroom instruction after 20 months of closure and a shift to remote learning for more than one full academic year. The Philippines is one of the only countries in the world to have remained closed, with no exceptions, for so long. According to the President, Rodrigo Roa Duterte, the public health risks were simply too great for household and community transmission of the COVID-19 virus in this country where crowded...
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Adding up the Evidence: Strengthening foundational math teaching and learning in LMICs
By: Shirin Lutfeali, Yasmin Sitabkhan and Wendi Ralaingita // Imagine being a second grade student in a classroom with close to a hundred other children. It’s math class, and the teacher is instructing the class on how to solve a problem written on the board. You’re too far in the back to hear, and her instructions were so fast. Now she wants everyone to solve a new problem she has written. You have no idea what to do, so you just copy the numbers that you can see and hope she doesn’t call on...
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