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Diseconomies of Scale: Does Scaling Educational Interventions Cost More Than We Think?
This is a collaborative blog by Sarah Kabay, Director of IPA's Education sector program, and Joseph DeStefano, Senior Director, Policy, Systems & Governance at RTI International. They share some thoughts on why costs might increase when scaling education programs. This blog was originally published on the Innovation for Poverty Action website. Cover photo: Patricia Esteve for USAID/RELIT (Senegal).  Many actors in global education are interested in how to scale effective interventions, but...
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Our contributions to CIES 2024
At the 68th annual meeting of the Comparative and International Education Society (CIES), a global network of researchers and practitioners gathered to exchange diverse perspectives on how to improve education worldwide. During panels, workshops, and networking events, attendees shared insights, discussed ideas, and formed new partnerships.   Over 30 RTI experts contributed research on topics such as learning remediation and recovery, system strengthening for improved literacy and numeracy,...
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