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Focusing on the Science of Teaching to improve Foundational Literacy and Numeracy
In high income countries, 9 out of 10 children can read by the age of 10, but in low-income countries 9 out of 10 cannot. This is unacceptable. The reasons for this shockingly low achievement are many and complex, but one critical barrier is the poor quality of teaching that far too many already disadvantaged children experience. We believe, based on evidence and experience, that if we deliberately and systematically focus on understanding how best to support teachers to improve their teaching...
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Calculating the Educational Impact of COVID-19 (Part III): Where will students be when schools reopen?
  In May 2020, RTI examined early grade reading data from 27 datasets across 8 countries (which we have since updated to 87 datasets from 15 countries). These datasets all contained data for students in consecutive grades (e.g., grades 1 and 2; grades 2 and 3; etc.) and were used as a starting point for us to model the impact of COVID-related school closures on learning loss. This blog continues and expands on our initial analyses by predicting where students will be once schools have re-opened...
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