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New Toolkit Measures How Teachers and Caregivers Support Children’s Engagement in Learning
Anyone who has watched a child truly absorbed in what they are doing knows what a powerful driver for learning it can be. When a child is engaged, they go deeper in their learning, are self-motivated, and persist at tasks for longer. However, until now, no measurement tools have been available to assess how children are engaged in their learning in classrooms and homes.           Explore the toolkit           Watch the video Engagement in learning has been central to a growing interest...
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What We Learned at CIES 2023 
Each year, the Comparative and International Education Society (CIES) gathers researchers and practitioners from around the world to provoke, engage, and inspire transformative ideas to improve education. This year, more than 30 RTI experts and practitioners shared research and evidence from work in more than 20 countries, contributing to discussions focusing on this year’s conference theme: Improving education for a more equitable world.  CIES is a great learning opportunity—I was able to...
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