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Anatomy of a Read Liberia Coach
Read Liberia coaches provide support to primary teachers and principals to improve early grade reading instruction, but what makes a great coach? What skills, knowledge, and characteristics do they share?Here’s a look at the anatomy of a Read Liberia coach... 1. CONTENT KNOWLEDGE Coaches are trained in: Liberian curriculum. Structure and use of teacher guides. Early grade reading methodology. Universal Design for Learning principles. 2. MONITORING Coaches confirm that: Schools are open....
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Sustaining and Extending Reading Improvements In Liberia Beyond the Life of the Activity
The United States Agency for International Development (USAID) Read Liberia Activity is working with Liberia’s Ministry of Education (MOE) to gradually institutionalize components and functions of the evidence-based early grade reading (EGR) system. Read Liberia has had considerable positive impact on students’ reading performance. For instance, following two years of learning in a Read Liberia–supported school, on average, a student can read twice as many words per minute as a peer in a non–...
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