Learning more from impact evaluations: Contexts, mechanisms and theories of literacy instruction interventions

If the word ‘science’ in the term ‘social science’ means what I think it means, we social scientists should be in the business of developing models for how we think the world works, testing them with data, and refining them. But the slew of results from impact evaluations in international education frequently feels like a catalogue (if we’re lucky, a meta-analysis) of effect sizes, not a genuine attempt to understand the phenomena we study. To improve this understanding, we need to do a better job of learning from impact evaluations.

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RTI International Education at CIES

Going to CIES this year?  Meet some of our experts during the following sessions, or stop by the RTI booth in the exhibition hall?  Can't make it?  Don't worry, we'll upload the presentations here when they are ready!


Session Information

Monday, March 26

8:00-9:30 am
Paper Session: Policy, Assessment, and Perceptions of Inclusion
Location: Hilton Reforma, Fourth, Don Emiliano

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Top Commentary Posts of 2017

Although our International Education SharEd community is barely 1 year old, we have enjoyed the opportunity to share personal stories of projects and programs we are working on or areas of research interest through the commentary ("blog") feature. A total of 20 articles have been posted, although some of these were reposted from other blogs dating back as far as 2011.

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