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Evaluating the adoption of new instructional materials by English teachers in all public schools in the Republic of Uzbekistan [CIES 2024 Presentation]

March, 2024
The Ministry of Preschool and School Education (MoPSE) in Uzbekistan has set the goal of transforming the education system and improving English proficiency among secondary school graduates by...

Cambodia IECD Longitudinal Study Baseline [CIES 2024 Presentation]

March, 2024
Presentation at CIES in March 2024.

Peer-to-Peer Learning: The Power of Social Networks in Adoption of New Pedagogies [CIES 2024 Presentation]

March, 2024
Too often, teachers are subject to top-down policies, procedures, and pedagogies that either bear little resemblance to their day-to-day experience or are so numerous as to be overwhelming in the...

Learning from Successful Early-Grade Math Programs: Lessons from the Numeracy at Scale study [CIES 2024 Presentation]

March, 2024
The Numeracy at Scale study was designed to identify and examine aspects of successful numeracy programs, to provide policy makers and development practitioners with evidence-based strategies for...

Social Emotional Learning, Academic Achievement, and Inequality: SEL's potential to improve academic outcomes: Expanding the Evidence Base

March, 2024
Presentation showcases findings about specific social and emotional skills and their in individual relationships to academic achievement. Importantly, these findings highlight the possible link...

SABIO: Early Warning System Based on Timely Information (Sistema de Alerta Basada en Información Oportuna) - [CIES 2024 Presentation]

March, 2024
The twin crises of high dropout rates and weak foundational skills risk a lost generation of youth in Guatemala and Honduras. To respond to these crises, RTI is working with the Ministry of...

UEEP Inclusive Education Study

February, 2024
The Inclusive Education Study explored the status of, drivers of, and barriers to inclusive education in Uzbekistan, particularly as they pertain to students with disabilities. The study...

Improving Learning Outcomes for the Philippines - Strengthening performance management: Case studies and key insights

January, 2024
Taken together, the case studies in this Report highlight the core components of an effective performance and accountability framework – a comprehensive system to optimize individual and...

ILOA Fact Sheet

October, 2023
One-page fact sheet describing the Improving Learning Outcomes for Asia (ILOA) Activity.

Numeracy At Scale: TAFITA Program, Lessons From Madagascar

September, 2023
Children need a strong foundation in learning to succeed in their education and life. Yet, by the age of 10 years, nearly 9 out of 10 children in SSA cannot do basic mathematics. There is an...