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Measuring Soft Skills Through Mobile Gaming [Presentation]

March, 2018
This presentation was prepared for UNESCO Mobile Learning Week, 2018. It describes an RTI International internal research program to learn whether mobile gaming can be used to assess soft skills...

Cambodia Situational Analysis of the Education of Children with Disabilities in Cambodia Report

March, 2018
Cambodia has a long-standing history of directly addressing disability issues, from supporting the rehabilitation of landmine survivors to promoting the current disability-inclusive development....

Introducing EF Touch (Presentation)

March, 2018
Executive Function (EF) refers to a range of cognitive skills that are key to problem solving and a child's ability to “learn how to learn.” These skills experience an important growth period...

RTI International wins 2018 Digital Edge 50 award for education tool

December, 2017
RTI International has been honored with a 2018 Digital Edge 50 Award for being a leader in digital innovation. The prestigious award recognizes a new open-source tool recently developed by RTI to...

Endline report - Ethiopia Assistive Technology Initiative in Early Reading Classrooms

October, 2017
During 2016/2017, RTI implemented an assistive technology initiative to improve reading instruction in inclusive grade two public school classrooms in 63 schools in five regions of Ethiopia....

Uganda/LARA EGR Monitoring and Support Supervision Tools

February, 2017
There are two sets of monitoring and support supervision (MSS) tools that the project has been using throughout the implementation period. These are; (i) the Lesson Observation Tools; and (ii) the...

Case Study: Tangerine:Class for data-informed instructional decision making in Kenya

March, 2015
This case study will highlight practical lesson learned from the use of mobile devices with Tangerine®:Class open-source software for data-informed instructional decision-making from a year-long,...

Towards the Development of An Assessment of Employability Skills

September, 2014
As the world faces higher and higher unemployment rates among its youth, there is increasing interest in evaluating whether schools are adequately preparing their youth to enter the workforce. Do...

Buku Sumber untuk Dosen LPTK: Pembelajaran Literasi di Kelas Awal di LPTK

June, 2014
Buku ini merupakan buku sumber yang memberikan konsep, ide dan contoh praktis dalam pembelajaran literasi di kelas awal dan kegiatan literasi terutama di kelas awal. Isi Buku Sumber untuk Dosen...

EGMA Toolkit en Español

March, 2014
La Evaluación de Matemáticas en los Primeros Grados (EGMA) Toolkit