Inclusive from the Start: Building Inclusivity into Education Programming During COVID-19 School Closures—and Beyond

All children have the right to learn.

However, the COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted the majority of education systems globally, impacting an estimated 91% of the world’s student population (UNESCO, 2020). Until more information is known about the virus and how to safely return to traditional school-based learning, countries are seeking ways to provide learning so that children and youth still benefit from education while at home. Unfortunately, during times of crisis, people who are the most marginalized risk being omitted from emergency response programming.

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Invisible in the classroom: Addressing reading hurdles for low vision and hard of hearing students

To help achieve the goals of Education for All and inclusive education as outlined in Ethiopia’s education strategic plans, as well as the objectives of USAID’s education assistance to Ethiopia, RTI International partnered with South African firm HearScreen and UK’s Peekvision for a proof of concept activity implemented under the USAID-funded READ TA project aimed at improving the classroom experience for children with disabilities. 

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