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Kindergarten Classroom Observation Assessor Sheet (Arabic, Jordan)

January, 2019
Kindergarten Classroom Observation Assessor Sheet.

Group Administered Mathematics Assessment Student Sheet

January, 2019
Group administered mathematics assessment student sheet.

Group Administered Mathematics Assessment Assessor Sheet [Arabic]

January, 2019
Group administered mathematics assessment assessor sheet.

Jordan Community Mobilization Tool

January, 2019
Jordan community mobilization toolkit.

USAID Early Grade Reading (EGR) EGR Year 1 Annual Report

October, 2018
The US Agency for International Development (USAID) Early Grade Reading (EGR) Project in the West Bank completed its first year successfully with the completion of assessments and surveys,...

Cambodia, Student Performance in Early Literacy: Baseline Report

October, 2018
This report presents the results of a baseline assessment of upper preschool and grade 1 student performance in pre-literacy and early grade reading. The assessment included samples drawn from...

Mathematics from the Beginning: Evaluating the Tayari Preprimary Program’s Impact on Early Mathematics Skills

October, 2018
Given the dearth of research on early numeracy interventions in low- and middle-income countries, this paper presents the instructional methodology and impact results of the Tayari program. Tayari...

Capturing Children’s Mathematical Knowledge: An Assessment Framework.

October, 2018
This paper explores an innovative assessment framework for measuring children’s formal and informal mathematical knowledge. Many existing standardized measures, such as the Early Grade Mathematics...

Anne Hayes Presentation on Vision and Hearing Screening in Low and Middle Income Countries

October, 2018
Presentation by Anne Hayes, Inclusive Education Expert and Consultant, Former Disability and Gender Specialist at USAID. Delivered at the RTI Panel Discussion "Vision and Hearing Screening in...

Kristen Layton Presentation on Eye Health Initiatives

September, 2018
Presentation by Kristen Layton, Director, Strategy, Innovation and Learning Unit, Perkins International. Delivered at the RTI Panel Discussion "Vision and Hearing Screening in LMICs: Challenges...