Uganda/LARA EGR Monitoring and Support Supervision Tools

There are two sets of monitoring and support supervision (MSS) tools that the project has been using throughout the implementation period. These are; (i) the Lesson Observation Tools; and (ii) the Head teacher/CCT Coaching Tool. The lesson observation tools are used by the support supervision actors (e.g., school inspectors, CCTs, head teachers and project staff) during support supervision visits to schools. Specifically, the tools gather monitoring data on the uptake of EGR instructional methods by teachers to understand what teachers are doing well and areas where they need support. LARA developed a lesson observation tool for every grade (P1 – P4). Each tool has a section to assess the teacher’s preparedness for the lesson they are going to teach; a check list to assess the teacher’s instructional practices during the lesson; and the post observation section where the support supervision actor summarizes what the teacher did well and areas that the teacher needs to improve. The lesson observation tool for each grade is accompanied by a learner check which is administered to a sample of 4-6 learners per grade. The purpose of a learner check is to quickly show the classroom teacher and or head teacher the reading abilities of the learners present in the observed EGR lesson. The learner checks are designed from the content of the previous weeks and the teacher is able to gauge and determine the areas to prioritize when carrying out revision or remedial sessions. The Head teacher/CCT Coaching Tool is used by the zonal head teachers and CCTs to support head teachers so that they can in turn effectively support teachers in their schools. The zonal head teachers and CCTs observe and support head teachers to provide effective instructional support to teachers. The tool has a pre-observation section which assesses how the head teacher is prepared to support the teacher in class; a lesson observation section used by the zonal head teachers and CCTs to evaluate the actions of the head teacher while in the class observing the lesson; and post observation section to appraise how the head teacher conducts the post observation discussion with the teacher.