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Reflections on promoting Nurturing Care as a cultural outsider​ [CIES 2024 Presentation]

March, 2024
The rise in popularity of the Nurturing Care Framework, which describes the enabling conditions for a child to thrive in the first several years of life, has resulted in an increase in global...

Harnessing AI Speech Recognition Technology for Educational Reading Assessments amid the COVID-19 Pandemic in the Philippines [CIES 2024 Presentation]

March, 2024
The challenges of conducting educational assessments in low- and middle-income environments during the pandemic can be eased by AI-powered speech recognition technology that offers a promising...

Pakistan Basic Education Sector Assessment: Climate Resilience [CIES 2024 Presentation]

March, 2024
The rapidly changing climate is a threat that sees no borders and its impact on the education sector is severe. Yet, often in the wake of climate disasters, the education sector is widely...

Cambodia IECD Longitudinal Study Baseline [CIES 2024 Presentation]

March, 2024
Presentation at CIES in March 2024.

ILOA Fact Sheet

October, 2023
One-page fact sheet describing the Improving Learning Outcomes for Asia (ILOA) Activity.

Fostering a Love of Reading Early

September, 2023
This guide is designed to provide teachers and parents with strategies to strengthen their teaching of children’s literature. By incorporating children’s books into your teaching and interaction...

Multi-Language Assessment (MLA) for young children: A screener to understand language assets [CIES 2023 Presentation]

February, 2023
The lack of information about children’s oral language skills limits our understanding of why some children do not respond to literacy instruction. Even though native language oral language skills...

Reflecting Upon All Children Reading (ACR)-Cambodia’s Inclusive Education Legacy [CIES 2023 Presentation]

February, 2023
The All Children Reading (ACR) Cambodia activity, funded by USAID, was implemented by RTI International and its consortium partners from 2017-2020. ACR-Cambodia helped to transform the landscape...

Uzbek Teacher of Mathematics Contributes to New Curriculum and Books (UEEP)

September, 2022
This success story highlights the experience of a early grade math teacher and textbook writer. She outlines the development of age-appropriate requirements and standards for students first and...

Building blocks for a brighter future: how Read Liberia prepared kindergarten students for school, even during COVID-19

June, 2022
Children with a strong foundation in oral language and emergent literacy skills have a much greater chance of becoming successful readers, and success in reading in early primary grades can...