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Anatomy of a Read Liberia Coach

September, 2022
This material highlights the eleven tasks Read Liberia coaches performed to support teachers and schools.

Mobile money: A new way to compensate teachers in Liberia

August, 2022
In 2019, Read Liberia transitioned to the use of mobile money to remit per diem payments to teachers upon completion of twice-yearly trainings. Mobile money had a significant impact on Read...

Improving children's reading in Liberia: results from the NORC impact evaluation of the Read Liberia Activity

August, 2022
This brief highlights data from Read Liberia's external impact evaluation conducted by NORC

Read Liberia: Institutionalization of the DEMA-GALA

June, 2022
It is essential that the Government of Liberia has the skills and resources to monitor and assess their schools, students, and teachers as part of an evidenced-based education system on the road...

Using non-monetary incentives to motivate schools and teachers: innovation from Read Liberia

June, 2022
Motivated teachers are vital for successful and effective classroom instruction. They show up consistently and inspire and engage their students. Enthusiastic teachers assess students’ abilities,...

Developing and publishing early grade teaching and learning materials: lessons from Read Liberia

June, 2022
This briefer provides ten lessons learned from developing, printing and distributing teaching and learning materials for the early grades in Liberia

Increasing caregiver and community support for early grade reading: results from Read Liberia

June, 2022
Read this brief to learn more about Read Liberia's community engagement component and the data from its evaluation.

Building blocks for a brighter future: how Read Liberia prepared kindergarten students for school, even during COVID-19

June, 2022
Children with a strong foundation in oral language and emergent literacy skills have a much greater chance of becoming successful readers, and success in reading in early primary grades can...

Using radio to promote learning in Liberia during COVID-19

June, 2022
Liberian public schools closed in March 2020, and the MOE Teach by Radio program ran from March 30 through June 30, 2020. Drawing upon its existing materials, Read Liberia developed and recorded a...

Why Benchmarks Matter

June, 2022
Setting benchmarks or standards that clearly state expectations about how well students or teachers should be performing on various skills at each stage of education and then collecting data to...