Quality Assurance Framework

TRAINING RESOURCES FOR THE QUALITY ASSESSMENT FRAMEWORK These five documents comprise a set of training resources for the Quality Assessment Framework, or QAF, designed by RTI International. The QAF is intended to help technical and vocational education and training centers worldwide to assess their own strengths and weaknesses, the demands of the workplace in their context, national or subnational education policies, and the corresponding services they should offer to students and prospective employers. The framework’s premise is that, in order to meet current and future workforce needs, promote sustainable program quality, and ensure longstanding impact for individual students and the larger economy, training centers must provide a comprehensive set of services; governments must adopt comprehensive quality standards that apply universally to all programs; and industry partners must have confidence that training programs are aligned with labor market demands. Finally, international aid organizations will benefit from using similar criteria drawn from the QAF framework. The training resources in this set are: (1) Overview – Summarizes the critical need globally for better educational opportunities that lead directly to youth employment, and sets the stage for the QAF (2) Framework – Elaborates upon the rationale for the QAF, and describes its components (3) Trainer’s manual – Serves as a guide for master trainers and facilitators responsible for training others in how to roll out the use of the QAF across networks of technical training centers (4) Appendices – Consist of reproducible handouts, forms, and other resources to accompany the trainer’s manual (5) PowerPoint slide deck – Contains slides to accompany the trainer’s manual For more information: Sarah Mattingly, RTI Senior Research Economic Development Specialist, smattingly@rti.org