Pakistan Basic Education Sector Assessment: Climate Resilience [CIES 2024 Presentation]

The rapidly changing climate is a threat that sees no borders and its impact on the education sector is severe. Yet, often in the wake of climate disasters, the education sector is widely overlooked and underfunded. The purpose of this group panel presentation is thus to explore different examples of research and programming which aim to improve the education sector’s resilience to the impacts of climate change. The panel is comprised of stakeholders from USAID and international educational research and implementing organizations from around the globe which have experience with how education systems can become more resilient to such disasters. This panel will draw from new global frameworks and strategies on climate resilience, as well as research and implementation examples from the case study of Pakistan, where unprecedented 2022 flooding severely impacted an already beleaguered education system. Further, the panel will explore the intersection of climate change impact and marginalized communities.