Early Grade Reading and Math Assessments in 10 Countries: Dissemination and Utilization of Results – A Review

EdData II, which began in late 2004, provides survey expertise to help national and local governments as well as the donor community to assess their education status. Project advisors collaborate with USAID Missions and Bureaus, other donors, and host-country stakeholders to find innovative and cost-effective ways to gather and analyze education data. One task order under EdData II, called "Learning Outcomes Research and Assessment Related Projects (2009-2013) supported the conduct of early grade basic skills in reading and math. Experiences with the various assessments were documented in an EdData II publication: "Learning Outcomes Research and Assessment-Related Project: Final Report (October 2013). The final "Learning Outcomes" report covered initial country reactions to the assessments and their findings. The purpose of this review was to collect data on how results had been disseminated and used long after the initial release of the report.