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E.g., Friday, April 12, 2024
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SABIO: Early Warning System Based on Timely Information (Sistema de Alerta Basada en Información Oportuna) - [CIES 2024 Presentation] Amber Gove del Aguila, C.
To Nudge or Not to Nudge: Improving implementation and practice to achieve learning for all [CIES 2024 Presentation] Amber Gove Gove, A., King, S., Marsden, E., Better, C.
Locally Driven Prototypes of Future Learning Spaces in the Philippines [CIES 2024 Presentation] Elizabeth Randolph Randolph, E., Fernandez, M., Perlita E. de Leon, M.
Learning from Successful Early-Grade Math Programs: Lessons from the Numeracy at Scale study [CIES 2024 Presentation] Yasmin Sitabkhan Ralaingita, W., Sitabkhan, Y., Stern, J., Jordan, R.
Public libraries are centers for the development of literate modern citizens[ CIES 2024 Presentation] Aliia Burkitova Burkitova, A., Toktogulova, N.
Peer-to-Peer Learning: The Power of Social Networks in Adoption of New Pedagogies [CIES 2024 Presentation] Elizabeth Marsden Marsden, E.
Uncovering Risks During Compounded Crises [CIES 2024] RAJANI SHRESTHA Shrestha, R., Assaf, P.
The Ant and the Grasshopper: Lessons for Collaborative Planning in a Changing World [CIES 2024 Presentation] Alastair Rodd Mwenga, J., Rodd, A., Abeid, R.
Data-driven decentralized school support: the use of student learning data to direct management support in Tanzania [CIES 2024 Presentation] Alastair Rodd Tibenda, J., Rodd, A., Mageni, K.
Jordan - Arriving at a National Scale CPD Program [CIES 2024 Presentation] Alastair Rodd Rodd, A., Fayaud, P.