Uganda/LARA: Journeys Monitoring and Support Supervision tool

This tool is used by school support actors (e.g., DEOS, DIS, MEOs, DIS, MIS, IS, CCTs, head teachers, project staff) to monitor and support implementation of Journeys for school staff and Journeys for pupils. The tool serves two purposes: (i) to gather monitoring data to understand how well schools are organized and supported to implement the Journeys program. Monitoring data is also used for reporting purposes. With regard to Journeys for school staff, the type of monitoring data gathered using the MSS tool include the number of school change agents (SCAs) in the school, number of SCAs that have Journeys handbooks, number of Journeys for staff activities that the school conducted, evidence that SCAs receive support from support actors, number of SRGBV cases that have been resolved out of the total cases reported. For UKU, monitoring data gathered include the number of UKU teams in the school, number of UKU teams that have attendance registers, whether UKU attendance registers are updated regularly and whether UKU teams have work plans; (ii) to supervise and support SCAs and Teacher Patrons. SCAs lead Journeys sessions for Schools Staff while Teacher Patrons lead Journeys sessions for Pupils/UKU. The MSS tool has an observation checklist for School Staff Journeys sessions and an observation checklist for UKU sessions. The checklists are used by the school support actors to record key information about the Journeys session they observed, including whether the SCA/Teacher Patron applied Journeys facilitation approaches, followed the rights steps to conduct the session and used the planning form and evaluation form correctly to initiate and appraise the session respectively. Each checklist is complemented with a feedback section where the school support actors document the positive things (areas of strength) the SCA/Teacher Patron demonstrated during the Journeys activity and area of improvement.