UEEP Success Story #8: Student's English Improves with New Textbooks

This success story highlights a English as a foreign language teacher's experience piloting the new ELF textbooks launched by the Ministry of Public Education, with support from the United States Agency for International Development (USAID. As a master training, she recognized that some teachers needed time to switch from their unusual approach and adjust their teaching to use the new materials, and she wanted to support them in this process. As part of her preparation to become a master trainer, she met with English as a foreign language experts from the Uzbekistan Education for Excellence Program to discuss each section of the new textbooks, workbooks, and teacher guides and explore all the new supplementary materials available to teachers, including video and audio files, word cards, and a test generator. She found that the new content and the approach to teaching English were drastically different from those she had used in the past. She found the teacher guide easy to follow and noted that the steps included in the guide helped her to implement each lesson.