Top Management Seminar on EGR

For use during the USAID/LARA National Stakeholders Conference (July 17-19, 2018). In December 2018, LARA and SHRP together with GPE and Build Africa supported MoES BE department to plan and conduct a one day top management seminar for MoES leaders to envision the future of EGR. This learning event informed the MoES about the requirements for sustaining EGR and other initiatives meant to improve children’s learning outcomes. The focus was on the logistical, technical, and financial requirements to ensure children entering P1 after the end of the donor-funded EGR programs will continue to benefit from the investments made. MoES officials drew a roadmap with key milestones to manage the needed EGR initiatives. The objectives of the seminar were to: • Develop an actionable and practical road map to build on and sustain gains in EGR and school quality including short term and long term priorities • Identify specific measures needed to sustain key EGR activities through MoES and government systems • Guide evidence-based discussion by Top Management based on data from MOES experience and EGR projects The Evidence to action pack details how the day run and the information shared that culminated the Ministry coming up with measures for sustaining EGR in Uganda.