Social and Emotional Learning and School Climate Activity Report: Iringa and Zanzibar Regions

Based on 2018 Operational Research on contextualizing SEL in the Tanzanian context, this study sought to: 1) improve student learning through a focus on the social and emotional climate of the classroom; and 2) encourage reflection on existing classroom management and pedagogical practices and on activities that foster positive classroom climate and SEL; 3) foster dialogue about the goal of these activities and practices and the potential barriers to implementing them in the classroom; and 4) co-construct activities that achieve the goals and help address the barriers. It's primary aim was to build on what teachers already do well and encourage them to reflect on certain classroom values that are important to them that may be potential barriers to implementing new activities. The Activity monitored both how teachers engaged with two different methods of facilitating reflection and co-creation as well as how their attitudes and behaviors changed throughout the process. The aim of this report was to monitor and document the experience of implementing this activity to guide future practice.