Promoting Social and Emotional Learning in the Classroom: Evidence for the 'How' [CIES 2023 Presentation]

This presentation featured an SEL Guidebook, which builds on the USAID-commissioned systematic review of SEL. The authors reviewed and researched the emerging evidence for integration of SEL into the school and classroom, including evidence-based approaches that target three categories of SEL: (1) SEL in the classroom and curriculum (i.e. pedagogical interactions that foster SEL and well-being); (2) explicit student-focused activities, and (3) School Climate (what contributes to a context that supports, welcome and nourishes SE development). The findings from this review informed a Guidebook that provides : o Comprehensive set of SEL approaches and activities, with practical examples of each; o Guide for SEL contextualization; o Series “how-to” scenarios for designing and implementing SEL programs based on a context’s needs, culture and policy context. This guidebook serves as a significant contribution to the field in that it identifies the evidence for SEL in LMICs and synthesizes into actionable and digestible information for the busy program designer, donor and/or implementing partner.