Nigerian Education Data Survey (NEDS) 2010-State Report: Adamawa

The 2010 Nigeria Education Data Survey (NEDS) was a nationally representative sample survey implemented primarily by the National Population Commission (NPC) in collaboration with the Federal Ministry Of Education (FMOE) and the Universal Basic Education Commission (UBEC). The 2010 NEDS has the following specific objectives: * Provide data on the schooling status of Nigerian children of basic education age, including factors influencing whether children ever enroll in school and why students drop out of school * Quantify household expenditures on children’s schooling by examining different patterns of expenditure by various background characteristics * Measure parents’ attitudes to schooling, including the quality of schooling and provide an understanding of attitudes that shape their willingness to send their children to school * Measure the frequency of student absenteeism and reasons for missing school in order to suggest possible approaches to maximizing attendance * Provide data that allows for trend analysis and State comparisons A very high overall response rate of 98% was achieved with interviews completed in 26,934 households.