Mobile resources to promote teacher efficacy in teaching children with disabilities in Ethiopia- CIES 2018 Presentation

CIES 2018 Presentation, given by Carmen Strigel. Under the USAID-funded READ TA project in Ethiopia, RTI, in collaboration with the Ethiopia Ministry of Education and partners, implemented an Assistive Technology Capacity Building Initiative that directly addressed the issue of gaps in teacher development and lack of appropriate materials to better support children with vision or hearing impairment in mainstream reading classrooms. Following a comprehensive needs assessment and collaborative initiative planning with local disabilities experts and educators, we designed an initiative to address teachers’ main barriers in the implementation of inclusive education in Ethiopia. RTI deployed mobile phones with screening tools for vision and hearing, as well as multimedia lesson plans with disability accommodations to 109 teachers in 63 schools in five regions of Ethiopia over a 3-months timeframe. The study included screening of over 3,700 students in the participating regular classrooms and found that over 9% of children had a vision or hearing impairment. This data indicates that vision or hearing impairment affect not just a few children and classrooms, but may be pervasive in nearly every classroom in Ethiopia.