Egypt Grade 3 Early Grade Reading 2nd National Assessment (English and Arabic Versions)

This report presents key findings of the 2nd national assessment of Grade 3 reading skills in primary schools of the Ministry of Education (MOE) in Egypt. This mid-line assessment reports early progress and student achievements after three years’ implementation of the MOE Early Grade Reading Program nationwide, albeit only one year at Grade 3 level. The MOE program, initiated in Grade 1 during the 2011/12 school year, added enhanced reading instruction to Grade 2 in 2012/13 and then to Grade 3 in 2013/14. This 2nd national assessment measures the improvement in Arabic reading proficiency of this first cohort of MOE students to receive successive years of improved reading instruction in Grades 1-3. The findings of this mid-line assessment provide timely results and empirical measures of the initial progress and reading outcomes of the MOE’s Reading Program since the national Early Grade Reading Assessment (EGRA) baseline for Grade 3 in 2013.