Early Grade Reading Sustainability Framework- CIES 2018 Presentation

CIES 2018 presentation, given by Luis Crouch on behalf of Hank Healey. The EGR Sustainability Framework emanates from a) a general understanding of evidence-based EGR programs, b) the notion of a “learning coherent” education system (Pritchett, 2015), c) the notion of a “bare bones” or “core functions” system (Crouch and Destefano, 2015); and effective curriculum implementation. To this end, our proposed EGR sustainability framework maintains that one must a) map the existing education system’s institutional, systemic, cultural, and attitudinal capacity to function as an effective learning coherent core functions curriculum implementation system, b) identify the various gaps and barriers that prevent the system from working in this manner, c) develop a plan to address those gaps and barriers, and d) help the MOE to implement that plan.