Early Grade Reading (EGR) Project EGR Training Report

In cooperation with the MOEHE Training Technical Working Group (TWG), EGR developed training modules in the five basic reading skills: phonemic awareness, phonics, fluency, vocabulary, and reading comprehension as well as a comprehensive module in writing skills. The project initially planned to introduce one module at each training session conducted throughout the academic year. However, when EGR learned that the project would close prematurely due to legislative restrictions and funding issues, project staff compressed the trainings on the five basic skills into four over a period of four months. The shortened timeframe did not allow EGR to offer training in the four basic writing skills, but the project developed one comprehensive writing module, which was provided to the coaches in January 2019. EGR supplemented the training modules with additional instructional resources. Project specialists developed three instructional videos to reinforce the strategies introduced in the training modules. Additional activities to support the five basic reading skills were compiled in one resource book. EGR provided four interactive posters for teachers to use in their classrooms and a variety of complementary reading materials. The project’s goal was to equip coaches and teachers with the tools needed to implement a quality early grade reading program.