Where Desert Meets Technology: Findings from ICT in Education Initiatives in Rural Schools in Mongolia

With the aim of providing developing member countries (DMCs) with better guidance for using information and communication technology (ICT) effectively in education, the Asian Development Bank (ADB) funded a 21-month Regional Technical Assistance (RETA) in Bangladesh, Nepal, Mongolia, and Samoa. the study team conducted a number of activities in Mongolia, guided by a site assessment and needs analysis. These included (i) a 1-week intensive training program for teachers and training managers, as well as representatives from the Education and Culture Department (ECD), in August 2006; (ii) moderate procurement of equipment and software for SEDP schools; (iii) 2-day follow-on training interventions at each IIREM and SEDP school in the study, in October 2006; and (iv) a 4-day training for trainers with 3-day follow-on regional trainings, in April 2007. Applying a three-group research design, 12 schools were sampled for participation in the study: four schools that had participated in the IIREM project, four schools that received computer equipment under SEDP, and four schools that were sampled as control schools.