Status of Instruction Study: A snapshot of in-service English teaching preparation and innovation in Uzbekistan [CIES 2023 Presentation]

The Uzbekistan Education for Excellence Program conducted a multi-phased Status of Instruction Study (SIS1 and 2) to understand the resources available and in use by schoolteachers in Uzbekistan. In the SIS2, the Program applied a descriptive quantitative design, considering the contextual realities resulting from COVID-19. The study was designed in an online survey system and the link to the survey was shared through the Ministry of Preschool and School Education via Telegram channels. This presentation examines elements of primary and secondary English teachers’ planning and preparation, their teaching skills, and ability to create a positive learning environment that fosters student engagement active learning. The implications of the two studies enabled the Ministry to generate and implement a number of recommendations including, but not limited to: 1) development and provision of teacher guides with sample lesson plans and explicit teaching strategies, 2) development of online learning courses for teachers on teaching strategies and techniques, 3) enhancing guidance on summative and formative assessment, 4) enhancing teachers’ skills in incorporating meaningful independent and group work and 5) upgrading of teachers’ content knowledge in selected subjects. This presentation explores, from the Ministry’s perspective, the importance of education system research. The Ministry presents and elaborates on their recommendations to maximize opportunities for co-creation of research – beginning with identification of research questions, design, implementation, analysis and dissemination.

Using teaching and learning materials in Uzbekistan: Lessons from observations and interviews [CIES 2023 Presentation]

The purpose of this panel presentation is to present the results of two uptake studies to understand how mathematics, Uzbek language arts, ICT, and EFL teachers in Uzbekistan are using and applying newly developed teaching and learning materials in the classroom.