Complex Data Analysis: Improve your data analytic abilities using Stata and Early Grade Reading and Mathematics Assessment Data

Workshop delivered at CIES 2017 (Atlanta). The workshop will begin with introducing participants to accessible online educational survey data from EGRA and EGMA. Participants will be introduced to two different early grade reading surveys and the data sets associated with them. They will be given the opportunity to review the original research questions, sample methodology, and instruments in order to understand the context of the survey. Participants will then explore the data to better acquaint themselves with the data’s: structure, content, abilities, and limitations.

Assessing the impact of language on pupil learning

This poster presented at the 2016 Comparative International Education Society (CIES) Conference in Vancouver, British Columbia, explores the relationship between Language of Instruction on pupil EGRA outcomes in Zambia and Ghana and uses GIS data to map information on languages spoken in a given area (from SIL Ethnologue data) with information on school language of instruction.

Early Grade Reading Assessment Grade 2 Baseline, West Bank

This report presents key findings of the first baseline of early grade reading skills implemented in the West Bank. This EGRA for Grade 2 was conducted in March 2014 in a representative sample of 150 Ministry of Education and Higher Education (MOEHE) primary schools, stratified by school gender and selected randomly from 16 districts in the West Bank. The 2,953 tested students were randomly selected from Grade 2 enrollment lists prior to each school visit. The results are representative of MOEHE Grade 2 students and primary schools in West Bank.