Training teachers or robots: Unexpected findings of a 7-country teacher professional development study [CIES 2019 Presentation]

This presentation unpacks findings from a seven-country teacher professional development study, presented by Dr. Benjamin Piper and Jessica Mejia at CIES 2019.

Pilot research to large scale practice: Kenya’s path to a national literacy program underpinned by evidence [CIES 2019 Presentation]

At CIES 2019, Dr. Benjamin Piper reflected on the use of experimental and implementation research to inform the scale-up and success of the USAID Tusome Early Grade Reading Activity in Kenya.

Longitudinal impacts of the medium-scale Tayari pre-primary intervention in Kenya: Resisting fadeout effects? [CIES 2019 Presentation]

This presentation shares findings from a longitudinal study of the Kenya Tayari program, examining whether ECD effects persisted into primary school, presented by Dr. Benjamin Piper at CIES 2019.

Language of instruction and refugee learners: A mixed-methods study of the Tusome intervention and language options in Kakuma refugee camp [CIES 2019 Presentation]

Findings on the impact of the Tusome intervention and language of instruction on refugee learners in the Kakuma refugee camp in Kenya, presented by Dr. Benjamin Piper at CIES 2019.

Gender patterns in mathematics achievement in the early years: Results from Tayari Kenya [CIES 2019 Presentation]

Dr. Benjamin Piper and Dr. Yasmin Sitabkhan presented findings at CIES 2019 on gender and math in the preschool years from the Kenya Tayari program.