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A Quality Assurance Framework for technical and vocational education
To become or remain economically vibrant, countries must have a consistent influx of youth who possess the skills required to thrive in the labor market. Yet data from most countries indicate a considerable gap in foundational and occupational skills that local employers demand in a 21st-century workplace. What strategies work to meet current and future workforce needs and ensure positive outcomes for youth?  This framework answers some of these questions. Two years ago, Peter Joyce and I wrote...
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"Countries are paying for pre-primary without realizing it" - An interview with Luis Crouch
In many countries, we see large, over-crowded classrooms in grade 1 that result in lower quality instruction.  What causes this over-crowding?  In many cases, it’s under-reported student repetition and that it leads to more drop-outs and lower primary school completion rates. This means that governments are investing in more years of schooling for lower quality outcomes.   A recent Primary 1 Repetition Study conducted in Uganda showed  that  caregiver-  and  teacher-reported  repetition  is ...
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